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  1. Hot*Mk8

    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    She's gorgeous!!! So well done and love the colors. Wow! :p
  2. Hot*Mk8

    New Mark viii Owner

    She's gorgeous!! Hopefully we'll get to meet you in person some day. :D Thanks for the shout, Svets96!!!
  3. Hot*Mk8

    Help! 98 Mark VIII is GUTLESS!

    I had IMRC issues and the car never threw a code. Drove me insane for a long time. Lol. I removed and cleaned them during my Cobra intake swap and they were indeed, disgusting and sticky. In my experience, spark leaking out the coil boot has always thrown a code. Maybe I just got lucky...
  4. Hot*Mk8

    Adam's Polishes Mark VIII Ad.

    Thanks so much, Tony! I totally agree. Hot is always appreciated amongst her Lincoln brothers and sisters. I also received a letter from the State Senator for that area and I promptly framed it! I think it's a wonderful honor for all Mark VIII Enthusiasts. Made a poster sized print of the...
  5. Hot*Mk8

    Adam's Polishes Mark VIII Ad.

    Hot wants to share her recently acquired pic from her Primary First Place win at the Huntington Beach Concours d'Elegance. Needless to say, mom is very proud of this gorgeous girl!
  6. Hot*Mk8

    Adam's Polishes Mark VIII Ad.

    Hahaha!! I got tired of seeing a whole bunch of just 'cars' getting the Adam's Premium Foam Gun treatment, so I made a video of my own this morning. Enjoy! :p
  7. Hot*Mk8

    trac loc fitment issues

    Yeap. The trac-loc I bought from SCP did indeed need some material removed... much to my guy's and my wallet's dismay. :( Just installed less than a month ago, BTW.
  8. Hot*Mk8

    Sold 1995 Mark VIII in Orange County, CA 116,742 $3100

    I'll repost in the marketplace on eBay for you, Jim. Wish you'd join us Cali Addicts instead of selling, but I can understand. =)
  9. Hot*Mk8

    Just bought my first Mark VIII

    I'll answer the last question since it's late and my brain is overly warped at the moment. Mark VIIIs are notorious for shifting early and racing to get to overdrive if you keep it on in town. It's supposed to maximize fuel economy apparently. I got a tune and put an end to that ASAP! I...
  10. Hot*Mk8

    Mark VIII movie sightings

    Ha. I was supposed to meet the owner of a very sweet base last December but the car was working in Hollywood and he was unable to make it. Then it changed owners three more times ending up with RaceBronco. Although the license plate is different for obvious reasons, I bet this is Carlos...
  11. Hot*Mk8

    For Sale Lentech 4R70W Street Terminator Valve Body

    Do you still have this?
  12. Hot*Mk8

    Fabulous Fords Forever 2014 - Los Angeles

    Rather than posting a zillion pics, I'm posting a video that I just finished yesterday. Sixteen Mark VIIIs all at once... :D
  13. Hot*Mk8

    My AIR/OIL separator install on 1996 Mark

    Very nicely done, Isaiah! :D
  14. Hot*Mk8

    Hey guys!

    Haha. That was Jesse Mueller and the wonderful news for me is that he lives two hours away. He did my IMRC deletes and installed my 3.73s with trac-loc. :D
  15. Hot*Mk8

    Water in spark plug holes.

    I had this happen in the 98 after it sat for an extended period of time. Moisture actually accumulated in the COPs such that I had cut some microfiber strips to dry it since I didn't have air at the time. The car was running really roughly so I pulled the covers to do a plug/COP check and...
  16. Hot*Mk8

    My new project: 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII Base

    Very beautiful car, Serge! Can't wait to see it in person. :D
  17. Hot*Mk8

    8.8 28 Spline IRS trac-loc

    This is what's going into my car this weekend along with 3.73s. :D
  18. Hot*Mk8

    Ran the table

    That's awesome! I wish I had room for that many. :D
  19. Hot*Mk8

    Fabulous Fords Forever 2014 - Los Angeles

    Hi, Everybody! Thought I'd shout out to all of my easterly friends about Fabulous Fords Forever at Knott's Berry Farm on April 27th. California Mark VIII Addicts just added our 45th California member which has me hoping that at least twenty of us can attend this show. We're making it a...
  20. Hot*Mk8

    Where to get Middle intake gaskets? 1998 LSC?????

    Yep. I am in the same boat. Looked all over the planet and could find none in stock. Jesse and I just had to put some gasket maker on mine and call it a day. That is the lamest thing on the planet, but I guess a car that was only made for two years with this intake just has to deal with this...