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  1. lincolnx2

    For Sale Lincoln LS Mclaren Grille

    Is the black grill still available?
  2. lincolnx2

    Back in a LS after 6 years!!!

    Thanks, glad to see you’re still here
  3. lincolnx2

    Back in a LS after 6 years!!!

  4. lincolnx2

    Back in a LS after 6 years!!!

    Hey Guys, I traded in my 2003 back in 2012. I recently bought a 2006 LS which has minor front end damage. First 3 pictures are how I found it. I changed all coil packs and spark plugs, bought a left headlight assembly from a junk yard. Going to get the hood from the same junk yard tomorrow...
  5. lincolnx2

    Ticking noise in cargo area

    blend door actuator (I may be saying it wrong). I changed mine out myself for about 45 dollars after viewing youtube videos.
  6. lincolnx2

    2004 Lincoln Aviator NO HEAT..Temp good on engine...

    I recently replaced my heater core for my rear and that fixed my heat. The rear was a easy fix. Not if alias with the front.
  7. lincolnx2

    2003 Lincoln Aviator No heat in rear.

    Ok, here is the situation. I replaced the air door actuator because I was hearing a knocking sound. the heat is still blowing out ice cold. What do you guys suggest I do next. I was thinking of replacing the heater core. I called the dealership and they quoted me $635 with $135 going to parts. I...
  8. lincolnx2

    Moving to Oklahoma!

    I am currently enroute to Oklahoma. Anybody from there? I am moving to Elgin, OK (Lawton). What should I watch out for?
  9. lincolnx2

    Found my old LS

    Decided to look for my old car, found it about 150 miles away. hopefully whoever bought it joins the forum.
  10. lincolnx2

    Traded In the LS

    My LS was paid for, but I was spending out hundreds in car repair. The LS is an expensive car, I cannot afford to shell out thousands every year on car repairs. My Camry got 30MPG averaging 75MPH hitting triple digits a few times on a recent trip to Nashville.
  11. lincolnx2

    Traded In the LS

    I am from from farting money, I made the decision based on what appealed to me, The Camry has the power I need, my LS was only a V6, so the camry is faster than the LS.
  12. lincolnx2

    Traded In the LS

    I appreciate it, I had it on a short trip to Nashville (45 mins) car was flawless, flawless, and my wife never realized we hit triple digits a few times.
  13. lincolnx2

    Traded In the LS

    I could no longer afford to fix the LS, I needed Catalyc Converters, I cant afford to spend $1200.00on a car thats barely worth $5,000.00. Car shut down on me in the middle of the road, would not start or shift into gear so I could push it out of traffic, 300 diag fee; replaced battery. My LS...
  14. lincolnx2

    Traded In the LS

    I am not really a infinity/nissan fan. I was looking at gas mileage more than anything. I will be driving from Tennessee to DC about 2x's a month. I really like the looks of the Camry, and it came fully loaded.
  15. lincolnx2

    Traded In the LS

    Thanks, I love the aggresive look. its fully loaded, every option, and I still paid under 29K w/ financing through Toyota. I dont like the offset on the wheels, but I love the rims for some reason.
  16. lincolnx2

    Traded In the LS

    I traded my LS in yesterday for a 2012 Camry, I hated to see it go, but upkeep was starting to kick my arse. I will still be around as I still have my Aviator and the chat room is how I spend my Wednesday evenings. I have the factory wheels, with almost new tires is anybody wants to make me a...
  17. lincolnx2

    late summer Ohio meet?

    What city in Ohio, I am 3 hours from Cincinatti.
  18. lincolnx2

    We found hair in our pizza, and filmed the confrontation (funny video)

    I am amazed that he was able to jump that high, while his pants are pulled down.
  19. lincolnx2

    for sale 03-06 LINCOLN LS MISC. PARTS

    Do you have any heat vents?