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  1. 112 LS

    Advise on selling

    Rub it in why don't ya joe
  2. 112 LS

    ABS/Traction Control Fault

    I had similar issues with my LS years ago. The gauge cluster would spaz out like that from time to time. Turned out to be some frayed wiring on the engine harness.
  3. 112 LS

    LSx Powered LS Swap Progress

    Any updates here???!
  4. 112 LS

    IVD interactive vehicle dynamics connector

    You've been here 5 years, with 5 messages. Good thing Joe doesn't endure the same mental gymnastics in reading comprehension.
  5. 112 LS

    Balljoint Failure

    I recently had failures with two brand new moog parts immediately after install. From now on I only use Motocraft parts. It's pretty sad too, I used to really like Moog stuff.
  6. 112 LS


    I put a full magna exhaust after my cats died. It does sound awesome but I didn't notice any performance gain (prob would need to be tuned). To be honest I remember getting sick of it after a while. Especially on the highway when in D5, and it's constantly kicking down to 4th.
  7. 112 LS


    Wow that's pricey!. Were you happy with the results, Joe? For that kinda' money I'd be looking for an entire parts car with good donor seats.
  8. 112 LS

    Low Mileage LS's - For Sale

    2002 V8, 30,259 miles in PA $6900 Autotrader - page unavailable
  9. 112 LS

    Back in a LS after 6 years!!!

    Beautiful car, congrats!
  10. 112 LS

    Front right suspension squeak

    Did you have the joints pressed into your existing spindle? I've heard this can/has caused problems for others.
  11. 112 LS

    New Member Into

    I'm not sure you can even check the trans fluid on the LS. From what I know it's a totally closed system.
  12. 112 LS

    New LS owner… already wrecked her!

    Yup to this. Alignment shop wouldn't even perform the work on my LS without replacing the rear toe links. They wanted $600 to do this work whilst using Moog parts, I told them to go spit and bought motocraft. Easy job as long as you can cut them out yourself!
  13. 112 LS

    New LS owner… already wrecked her!

    My lower snapped like a pretzel.
  14. 112 LS

    New LS owner… already wrecked her!

    Reading this post took me back in time to 2003 when I basically did the same thing. If your wheel looks like mine did, then you snapped your lower control arm. Not a side of the road kind of fix, but definitely something that can be done in your driveway with the right tools on hand.
  15. 112 LS

    Lincoln LS's From Japan

    agreed, so weird seeing the steering wheel on the right hand side too.
  16. 112 LS

    Low Mileage LS's - For Sale

    2006 - 14,949 miles! Autotrader - page unavailable
  17. 112 LS

    Rear Sway Bar Links and Bushings

    I agree. Moog has really gone downhill. I avoid their parts like the plague now. Motocraft or nothing.
  18. 112 LS

    Best way to remove Carbon?

    I don't know if it made any difference on my LS, but it definitely pissed off my neighbors back in queens. sooo much smoke.
  19. 112 LS

    Low Mileage LS's - For Sale

    2004 LS8 27,916 miles Autotrader - page unavailable
  20. 112 LS

    What happens when you manage to install your torque converter wrong?

    That sucks, thanks for posting though. Most folks don't want to share their personal mishaps (like me).