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  1. SteveKC

    Selling 2 of my Mark Viii's

    The LSC is gorgeous! They both should sell quickly
  2. 2001 Continental

    2001 Continental

    My 2001 Continental with the rims from a Mark VIII. Yes, the RWD Mark VIII rims are offset such that they will fit the FWD '95-2002 Continental. I never saw anyone else ever do this.
  3. My 1st Lincoln

    My 1st Lincoln

    My 1st Lincoln. 1986 Continental. I bought right after I was stationed in Virginia in 1992. It was probably the quietest, smoothest riding car I've ever owned (my 2001 had duals so it had a nice rumble from the tailpipes).. It had a really plush blue velour interior and every readout inside was...
  4. MKZ


    2014 MKZ just purchased over the weekend, only 14K miles. I wasn't even looking for a car but I couldn't pass it up...However, I need the owner's manual for this thing.
  5. SteveKC

    "Gear Display Data Error" (PIC)

    gear display data error I had this happen to me tonight at work. I have a 2001 Continental that won't turn over, no sound from fuel pump, along with "check traction control" and "fuel flow data error". I checked all the fuses and swapped a couple that might have been suspect even though they...
  6. SteveKC

    2000 continental bucking at 45-50mph

    Coil pack(s) maybe?? Not sure if this line of troubleshooting is effective on Fords but I saw this issue on a BMW 4.4 V8 and what the owner ended up doing was swapping each coil with a known good one and letting the engine run for a bit until the culprit was found. Personally if I found a bad...
  7. SteveKC

    2000 continental bucking at 45-50mph

    Fuel Filter Where is the fuel filter located on the '99-'02 Continental and how do you replace it?
  8. SteveKC

    Another new member saying hello

    pics Some pics
  9. SteveKC

    Age and Year of Your Continental

    41 - 2001 Continental w/ 90k miles & '95 BMW 740iL w/ 244k miles (she's going to finally get a break!)...This is my 2nd Lincoln after an 18 year absence and my new daily driver. Previously I had a 1986 Continental
  10. SteveKC

    Another new member saying hello

    Hello everyone. I am new to the board. It's been nearly 18 years since my last Lincoln, a blue 1986 Continental but tomorrow I pick up my 2nd Continental, a silver 2001 with 90K miles and chrome alloy wheels that look like they came off a Mark VIII...At the moment the only mods I have planned...