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    Aux Coolant Pump

    Ok, I bled the system, as soon as i opened the valve fluid started streaming out without a break in the stream so I doubt there was any air in the system. On to the DCCV. I will note that when i have the auto climate set to 90 it fogs my windows up. Now sure if that is a symptom of something.
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    Aux Coolant Pump

    Well ****, it must be something else then. I have no heat at any time. All 3 hoses are cold coming from the firewall. It worked, then one day it just stopped.
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    Aux Coolant Pump

    Anyone know the part# for the Aux Coolant Pump for a '01 LSV8? Heat crapped out and its about to get cold in MI. Thx
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    For those in the Passport market

    I have the SR7 with laser shifter installed in my Lightning, most definitely a life saver as the foot gets a bit heavy when I drive it.
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    Audioque amps

    Yea, I'm kicking the idea around. Just trying to decide if I want to just put one SA-8D2 where the existing is, or do custom enclosures to house one on either side as well.
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    Audioque amps

    Most likely I will run it at 2 ohm, but I want to make sure I have it available to me is necessary. I don't want to think it is possible and then smoke the amp. I have done that in the past with amps that were supposedly 1 ohm stable.
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    Audioque amps

    I don't remember who the big proponent of Audioque is here, but is anyone running their amps at a 1 ohm load? If so how stable has it been for you?
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    Snow driving in the LS

    I drove my original LS in the winter but my current one is in the heated garage with my other toys.
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    DDM HIDs

    Exactly. Odd this was only 1 of the 2 ballasts worked on the left side, even when the wiring was swapped. Oh well, it works and that's what matters.
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    DDM HIDs

    Problem solved.
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    DDM HIDs

    I installed DDM HIDs 55w headlights and all went fine. I installed DDM HIDs 35w for foglights and I could not get the passenger side to fire. I checked the bulb and the ballast and they both worked fine on the driver side, neither worked on the passenger side. I put in my LED bulb and a standard...
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    springs or bagged

    I hope you're wearing your flame retardant suit. :eek: I have Eibach Pro-Kit Springs and OEM Euro-Shocks
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    random overheating problem!! Need help ASAP!

    I had a similar problem pop up today on my '01 V8. I was driving to work and wasn't 2 miles down the road and my car overheated. I pulled over, checked to see if I have anything leaking- nothing. I heard a quick gurgling sound and that was it. I started the car and the temp was back to normal...
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    My new custom enclosure.

    I sent him the exact specifications of how I wanted the box done for SSA DCON's and he delivered. I can use there whole series ICON's, XCON's and ZCON's as well if I want to upgrade as they have the same volume requirements.
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    Michigan ppl?

    Westland :cool:
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    Ohio Meet Pics

    Cars look great! Sucks I missed it, by time my flight landed, I gathered my sh`t and got home it was already 3:30. Hopefully next time there is a gathering I will be there.
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    Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois Meet

    I can't say one way or another until I know where its going to be.
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    Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois Meet

    Yeap, Hix and Cherry Hill.
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    Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois Meet

    If I'm around I'll go.
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    The new Subwoofers

    You're tempting fate running it at 1 ohm, as the manufacturer highly recommends against it. I am actually surprised it hasn't smoked on you already. Before you say I don't know what I am talking about, I have the same amp, 1 year older, the gray muffler instead of the chrome muffler. Mine is...