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  1. 214rod

    What have you done for the wife/girlfriend to justify spending money on your LS?

    X's 100!!!....I know exactly what that statement means! Like you said before. If she isn't happy no one is happy But to keep her happy I take her shopping for shoes:cool:
  2. 214rod

    Official LS OWNERS Picture Thread

    Wow!!! Are those your covers lol they are sick!
  3. 214rod

    My Drilled + Slotted Upgrade by Brake Motive

    Good thing I didn't pull the trigger on these. Seems like the price was too good to be true:mad:
  4. 214rod

    Interest in HID for halogan trade

    Hey Adam...I'm barely getting into installing those angel eyes. Why are you selling the car?
  5. 214rod

    Painted Emblems

    That blue & black looks sick! Nice work.
  6. 214rod

    Official LS Picture Thread

    Hey manoli I've got a brand new Gen2 header panel that I never installed on my 00. It became useless after I got a 06. Pm if you are interested.
  7. 214rod

    No Website Stickers?

    Not at my pricey but we make just about any kind of sign except billboards.
  8. 214rod

    Ebay fail

    $99!?!?! For mats? Wow...I got some rubber ones for like $40 from Walmart. Have no complaints so far.
  9. 214rod

    06 Bumper Conversion/2002 LSE Body Kit

    Lol my bad I ment color match the lip to the wheel. All blacked out. Still looks solid I like them a lot.
  10. 214rod

    06 Bumper Conversion/2002 LSE Body Kit

    Very nice ride! I'm really diggin your wheels! Maybe you should color match the lip......or not either way it all looks good!
  11. 214rod

    Mlara1129's C-List Finds

    Gen1 LSE for parts!
  12. 214rod

    Official LS Picture Thread

    Damn ur car is filthy. Jrt we got the same taste. Sick ass ride!
  13. 214rod

    How long did your struts and shocks last?

    On my 2000 Ive only changed them all once at around 120k & I got it at 46k. On my 06 with 56k I've yet to change them if you plan on changing them stick with oem shocks. I haven't seen or heard of any that last as long or feel as good.
  14. 214rod

    Mlara1129's C-List Finds

    Wow! That's a good price for the miles & all the extras it has. I wouldnt sell it...
  15. 214rod

    I did it single-handedly!

    Very true. I find it funny how 99% of people are that flat out racist on YouTube or the Internet in general yet in everyday life none of those people even say anything negative. The Internet just gives cowards the power to speak & grow balls. I just ignore it all anyway no matter how ignorant...
  16. 214rod

    Official Plasti-Dip Thread

    They came out great! They don't even look like 17's more like 18's & that's rare since blacking out stocks usually end up looking smaller.
  17. 214rod

    Official LS Picture Thread

    That looks awesome! The LS hall of fame.
  18. 214rod

    finished with tinted tails.

    Damn that's dark! But they look good. +1 @ blacked out lights looking good on black cars.
  19. 214rod

    My Super Bowl Trip.... Behind the Scenes

    Awesome! I would have been more stoked about meeting Artie. I loved him on stern & miss him. Oh & I freaking Hate the giants