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  1. Modular97LSC

    Ongoing updates to the 1997

    Dude your car looks sick with those wheels. Also good job on the exhaust it looks fantastic.
  2. Modular97LSC

    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    Today she got 5% tints all around, I live in Las Vegas Nevada and its so hot here that the cops dont mess with you for having illegal tints.
  3. Modular97LSC

    no rear lights

    ok guys so the issue was a blown fuse. Its fuse number 31. It pops when you reconnect a bad ballast thats been disconnected bc it shorted out. So basically what happened was that the previous owner disconnected the ballast bc when the ballast shorted out they couldnt get the car out of Park so...
  4. Modular97LSC

    Well guys I did a thing

    thanks Svets96 I am very happy to be back, I thought this place was dead already but obviously it isnt. So Bruce Budnick called me and we fixed the issue, it was fuse number 31 for the running lights. I had told him my issue a few days ago and he figured it out. Thansk to him I have lights...
  5. Modular97LSC

    no rear lights

    I dont think they were working bc ive never driven this car at night. Ive only had it 2 weeks.
  6. Modular97LSC

    Anyone buy front air struts at Autozone yesterday?

    So Autozone now carried air struts for our cars? I need to check pricing on them. If they do this means they should come with some sort of warranty which is a good thing.
  7. Modular97LSC

    no rear lights

    so I replaced my neon ballast yesterday on my 97 LSC and I noticed that non of my rear lights work, not even the license plate lights work only the front ones and thats when I hit the switch to turn on the lights. So I hit the switch and only my front lights come on and nothing on the back, but...
  8. Modular97LSC

    Well guys I did a thing

    it is a very clean car, now i just need to figure out why my rear lights dont turn on at night but my front ones do. no even the license plate lights work.
  9. Modular97LSC

    Longest you kept a car.

    Lets see Ive owned my 2002 LS since 07 so thats 13 years now, and the Mark that I sold a year and a half ago I owned since 2010 so that was maybe 8 years. I like to keep cars in good shape and running so they can last me a long time.
  10. Modular97LSC

    Well guys I did a thing

    Hello everyone its been a while since I last logged into LVC, but I'm glad to see some known names that are still posting. Anywho I'm back in the Mark 8 game since I just recently purchased a 97 LSC. She's Opal Opalescent with light graphite interior and an aftermarket moonroof also has 128k and...
  11. Modular97LSC

    2002 oil pan gasket leak

    Hello folks im having problems with my oil pan gasket thats leaking on my 2002 Continental. All of the bolts on the oil pan have oil on them which indicates that the gasket needs to be replaced. I tried tightening them a bit with no luck, I also didnt want to tighten them that much that I...
  12. Modular97LSC

    Continental picture thread!

    This is my new to me Continental. She is a 2002 and her name is Lola...more pictures to come soon..
  13. Modular97LSC

    97-98 mark viii low beam fuses

    Which ones are they? I know the low beam fuses are in the fuse panel by the drivers side door but I'm trying to figure out which ones they are....thanx
  14. Modular97LSC

    Temple Performance Cars

    about freaking time......Great news!!!!
  15. Modular97LSC

    Needing ballast for trunk led light 98 Mark VIII

    they go for 100 bucks...we all run glitch ballasts, here is his paypal address...send him 100 bucks and hell send you the ballast. Usually takes about 2 weeks to get Well he wont send it but his wife will....see he past away a few years back. But his wife still...
  16. Modular97LSC

    For Sale 1997 MARK VIII (base)

    man this car is gorgeous Tony....i love the color
  17. Modular97LSC

    For Sale 2 nice chrome 10 spokes with MT drag radials mounted and balanced.

    are they the passenger sides or driver sides?
  18. Modular97LSC

    new to the forum and just picked this up

    it has a lot of potential dude....i like it....good find.
  19. Modular97LSC

    Franks 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC

    looks great!!!!
  20. Modular97LSC

    Winter, what a great time to referbish my wheels.

    yeah if it was a 347 stroker