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  1. crazyman

    1966 junkyard find

    Hey, what's up peoples. Haven't been around here in quite a while. Long story short, while pulling parts at the junkyard, saw this in the "to be processed" section. Had to buy it. Clear title, 78,000 miles, all complete except for a battery. $750.
  2. crazyman

    LS head gaskets

    Well, to start it's a V8. The problem isn't actually the head gaskets. The problem is that this dude decided to change the spark plugs. In the process of I guess figuring it out, he removed the valve cover and when he put it back on, stripped 2 bolts and broke one off. My job is actually to fix...
  3. crazyman

    LS head gaskets

    Hello...haven't been around here in quite a while. I figure that you guys are the one's to ask this. I have a 2005 Ls in my shop that I'm about to do head gaskets on. Is there anything stupid I need to know before I tear into this thing? Also, is there anyone who can give me torque specs. I...
  4. crazyman

    Bush's Approval Rating Hits New Low

    First of all, there is no need to respond to this, I'll more than likely not return to read it.Now my point. Until I came here I was aware of the divisons in this country and I was sure that there was something somewhere that could concevibly bring this country together, now I see the...
  5. crazyman

    Don't take your car to Jiffy Lube!

    Amen. I take my cars, and everything else for that matter, to NOONE.I'd rather spend a week researching and figuring something out than let anyone else touch a tool to my cars. ...especially some 16 year old stoner who was bagging groceries a week ago.
  6. crazyman

    Global Warming: NYT, Time consistently inconsistent, but always Chicken Little

    Ah, see, it's not that don't wish to join the discussion.In this case, as with some others, I was just enjoying reading other's posts.If I felt I had anything to add I would.As it was I was reading just as someone might do a newspaper.I've taken sniper shots at noone.I mearly stated my opinion...
  7. crazyman

    Finally - We might get to defend ourselves!

    [ And, he argued, it gives defense attorneys a potential avenue to seek acquittal for crimes. In effect, criminals will benefit much more often than any innocent victim. "It's going to give the guy who's really looking for a fight, or does something totally irresponsible or venal, a defense he...
  8. crazyman

    Global Warming: NYT, Time consistently inconsistent, but always Chicken Little

    I hear what what your saying, but my point is less about the conduct of the political discussions and more about EVERY discussion becoming a political argument. This thread for instance, it was started as a discussion about the NYT and Time and their consistant sensationalism towards the worst...
  9. crazyman

    Automotive misadventures. Confess your sins here!

    1996 Hyundai Sonata. Changed the water pump and timing belt. Got the timing wrong. Cranked it over... ... took it all apart and got a new head.(not my car) 1994 Kenworth T-450 dump truck.After 5 days of hell changing the clutch and tranny,I was just rapping it up, installing the shifter and I...
  10. crazyman

    Global Warming: NYT, Time consistently inconsistent, but always Chicken Little

    I have no comentary on the subject.I don't know enough about the subject. I am interested in reading the commentary of others and god-forbid, learning something.It sucks to get into what your reading and begin enjoying the thread only to have it turn into what unfortunetly alot of these forums...
  11. crazyman

    Global Warming: NYT, Time consistently inconsistent, but always Chicken Little

    It's amazing how what was almost a normal discussion on global warming is turning into more political "I'm right and your wrong" bull:q:q:q:q.How about having just one discussion that doesn't turn into this crap.
  12. crazyman

    Please...anyone With Info!?!

    I've got a question. You are saying that it's overheating. are you SURE that it's overheating,or is your gauge telling you that?If it's saying that it's hot and it's not, it may be a temp sensor or something.If it is getting hot, then it may be air trapped as lhheston said. Fill the radiator...
  13. crazyman

    Found it!

    My 2 cents; I think it looks like poo.
  14. crazyman

    We would Push their buttons

    How did you find one with an on/off switch?
  15. crazyman

    Why *ARE* Americans still debating evolution?

    I don't understand how creationalism could be taught in schools. Short of spending 30 seconds saying "God created earth and man",there's not a whole lot to teach.Its a pretty straight forward theory.As far a God having a divine hand in the process of evolution, all you would do is teach the...
  16. crazyman

    What kind of Booze do you Drink

    Canadian Windsor or Cuervo Gold
  17. crazyman

    The Buffalo Theory

    Up untill now, my beer drinking didn't have reason.I have now seen the light! By drinking... I'm making myself smarter... I can't wait to tell my wife!
  18. crazyman

    Tan Lines - Sexy ?

    We can hope can't we?
  19. crazyman

    What is The Price Of Gas Now

    $2.59 a gallon. 87 octane.
  20. crazyman

    What Car Pt. 2....

    Give me no credit. That was a (semi)educated guess.