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    New Mark VIII spoiler!!!

    No way is that real! No one could be that stupid or high lol :nos: maybe he's been inhalin it instead of sprayin it? Hey Geno didnt you say you were thinkin of redoin the TerminViiitor???
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    My Horrible Weekend

    Thanks but never another Mark 8 :L The car has sooo much sentimental value to me. Just a bump in the road, I should have it up and running with everything fixed and a bunch of mods done by late June-early July. I planed on a new hood anyway as well as corner lights and new paint and such for...
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    My Horrible Weekend

    So it all starts out this past Saturday when I come out to my car after working from 8am til 8:30pm and notice my head unit-radio is missing along with the trim piece that goes around it... Ya figure I worked at a mall notorious for theft and cars getting keyed for 3 years and not a scratch now...
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    Mothers Billtet Polish works great and will make your chrome shine :cool:
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    The 57' Chevy is going!

    Come on--unveil it lol!! Tell them what the new car is :N
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    Interior Trim Panels

    I have been looking more into Gen 2's lately and my only complaint is the wood interior on it... It looks horrible in my opinion; just really fake looking. I would have to come up with some other way of doing it if I considered getting a Gen 2. Oh yeah, Carbon Fiber looks awesome if done right...
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    You think your job sucks???

    Awesome LoL! I would hate to be in that cubicle-- Man it really makes you think things could be worse---is this an ephany: new found appreciation for my 70 hour plus work week and going to college and seeing the girlfriend---probably not but got a laugh...
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    Got exhaust?

    Nice !!! Keep it coming man! You are really doing your mark 8 up the right way. Awesome engine compartment, awesome color, great list of mods, and now an awesome sounding exhaust!!!
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    A few pics of the XLR

    Man, all I can say is awesome! Cadillac is really pulling ahead in the automotive market with these stream line designs that they are coming out with. The XLR--CTS V--and all the rest that they have in their deck are awesome! Come on Lincoln catch up --supercharged LS or Navigator !?!?!?! Two...
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    2005 Mustang

    Man, I gotta tell you I really like the 05 Mustangs that are coming out!!!! They just give that throwback look but with all the ammenities and upgrades of a new ride. It might be something to consider when I go new car shopping next year !?! And man, that red interior !
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    Check out the finish on this car...

    hmmmm....... Chrome!!!! I love it lol!! It would blind you when driving in the sun though :cool:
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    Tazzo Times

    So what are your 1/4 mile times????
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    Testing changes - POLL - Need your opinons

    I like it all so far! Easy to navigate and now even easier to find stuff pertaining to your specific ride ! Good stuff guys! :V
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    baby ls

    Oh, I think we all know that Lincoln is being left behind as far as fore running new rides is going. The LS was supposed to have a McLaren version, that would have been incredible like the CTS-V but that never came to happen. Then the Aviator? What the hell is that? All of Lincolns vehicles look...
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    Anyone seen these lincoln rims before??

    Yeah, that is definitely a lincoln star glued onto the center cap. You can see that it just doesnt seem to belong and looks out of place. Not a bad looking rim though.
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    What car is this from?

    Looks like a Vette to me. Definitely not an Enzo, an Enzo has the exhaust on each side not in the middle together.
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    What's Up !!!!

    Awesome board!!! :Beer Hopefully no more :F Geno hopefully this will be one board you are allowed on lol :N Nice!!!! :V