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  1. Beamer

    Paddle Shifts

    This was something I always wanted to do when I had my LS. Anytime I get in a vehicle with paddles I always use them, normal driving or not. Its just funner for me. I drove a Lancer GTS for a couple of days that had them, never let the auto shift itself. Was actually very surprised how quick the...
  2. Beamer

    Well Howdy, been awhile

    My real name is Chris. The debt was car notes, cards and such. So I am still in debt house wise I guess haha but working on that now. Yea, if anyone remembers I traded in my Lincoln in 06 for a Cobalt, than I got another and another. I like small cars, cheap as well and fun. Kept the Cobalt SS...
  3. Beamer

    Well Howdy, been awhile

    So I have not been on here in... years. Not idea who is still on I may remember. I used to have a 2002 LS8. Been in and out of a few different rides since then. Currently have a 96 f 150 I bought from my father for $500 after selling my heavily modded Cobalt SS. Not long after that I decided...
  4. Beamer

    Almost a the carwash!?!

    gotta love public car washes. Almost always something goes down at the one i had to go to a couple times.
  5. Beamer

    Just Checking In

    Hows it goin!
  6. Beamer

    PS3 or XBOX360

    I have a 360, have not had a problem besides the little start up problem it had a few times. I called mircro/xbox and they sent me a shipping order, sent it out and a week later it was back and I was underway again with gaming and movies. I love the 360 and added with xbox live its great, rent...
  7. Beamer

    A couple fresh pics with new wheels

    mmm, looks great :)
  8. Beamer

    PetesSweets86 is on vacation

    Well glad to hear it was taken care of, not to sound nasty but I hope his mom goes way before her time is up and he can feel the pain it has cause me and my family(car accident for those wondering, 18-wheeler with sleeping driver and a car stopped at a light do not mix). Actually I wish that on...
  9. Beamer

    LINCOLN LS BODY DONE!! what you think

    some very nice work, good job, cannot wait to see it painted.
  10. Beamer

    PetesSweets86 is on vacation

    Wow, allot happened since I last checked it. Never had a problem with Peteybird. Glad I did miss whatever else he said though but whatever.
  11. Beamer

    You On Here?..Waving LS(well driver anyway)

    You On Here? Waving LS(well driver anyway) Was sitting at a light getting onto HWY 74(driving the balt)and ya was on the other side on Wesley Chapel going to go the opposite way(black LS, looked stock). I was wondering what ya was doing honking and flashing until you started to wave. Could have...
  12. Beamer

    It was time for some new pics...

    looking good
  13. Beamer

    Those with GPS- How accurate is your speedo

    My speedo reads 2mph slower than the GPS. I have a new Garmin Nuvi btw
  14. Beamer

    Had an epiphany about my LS while on vacation

    Ah, cool. Yea, just after I posted I left to go to a funeral, passed an LS about 2 mins into the drive. Saw two more sitting at a light and on the way back I went by a couple on the HWY. Wish some of them were worth checking out, not sure where the couple that were done up went that I would see...
  15. Beamer

    Had an epiphany about my LS while on vacation

    where did you go in NC? I see atleast 5 every time I go out here around Charlotte. Every parking lot for a school or small shopping center has one and than you count on more at bigger places. Than again, I see many civics, accords, Corolla's(freakin' tired of them lol) and f150s and stuff too...
  16. Beamer

    May End Up In Another LS

    The 06 was the dark red, sorry I do not know the true name. I went and test drove it, was nice, everything worked, car was clean inside, out, underside, underhood. Very nice, even had no brake dust on the inside of the wheels. Had 45K miles and change but decided not to do it. Just had that "no"...
  17. Beamer

    It's not a Lincoln but you guys need to look at it.

    very nice ride no doubt
  18. Beamer

    May End Up In Another LS

    Yep, I made the mistake of going to the nearby Ford dealer to look at the new Stangs and I had the new Accord. While there I got talking to the Manager of the place(not sure what made him come out and talk) and he was trying to get me into the stang but I said I already had a tinker-with car and...
  19. Beamer

    Anyone seen this License Plate

    See them all the time here