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    Torn between Gen1 and Gen2

    Here is the car I looked at yesterday, it has 133k on the clock and the dude wants no less than $2250. It's not in GREAT shape but it's not too bad. Only thing that bugs me is the CE light is on and it misfires. I tried hooking up my code reader but it wouldn't connect? I'm not afraid of...
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    Torn between Gen1 and Gen2

    I'll let you all know. I'm going to look at the '97 probably next Thurs or Friday.
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    Torn between Gen1 and Gen2

    I'm glad you mentioned the gear change issue, I was going to do 4.10's most likely not long after I purchase.
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    Torn between Gen1 and Gen2

    Great post. Thanks. But I guess I'll ask it... so GenI's are known to be a lil faster?
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    Torn between Gen1 and Gen2

    What features are we talking about? I've seen several Gen I's up close, but I've never even sat in a Gen II, only seen them driving.
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    Torn between Gen1 and Gen2

    I don't know if anyone here remembers me, but it's been a good 6 years or so since I posted here. Also before anything else, I'd like to briefly say thanks and RIP to Ray Urso (1wykdmk8) for helping me out and getting me into the Mark VIII crowd in past years, he deserves the shout out. I no...
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    RIP Raymond Joseph Urso II - AKA 1WykdMK8

    Truely UNBELIEVEABLE. I recieved a call from his dad this morning (saturday) and was absolutely speechless and crushed about the news. Ray had helped me dozens and dozens of times with my lincoln right in his driveway and I also went to several car cruises with him and we'd have our Mark VIII's...
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    check engine light problems...

    Going overboard with the oil on the filter will also turn a MAF into junk. If I remember correctly they come preoiled with a small amount, but just something to keep in mind when it comes time to clean your filter and you're reoiling it.
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    Plug & plus wire choice

    I've had 9mm Ford Racing wires and the Motorcraft Lightning Plugs... Overall really liked them... got them from Max
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    Royal Purple or Mobil 1

    Adding a quart of ATF in with your next oil change will help clean most of everything out also. Wouldn't recommend it for a very high mileage motor though.
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    some times engine will not start

    Sounds to me like crank sensor.... Like unity said, just try wiggling it around and see if it will start.
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    code 1506-IAC overspeed

    Funny thing is... I remember alldata having a pretty decent picture of its location? try looking up something on the throttle body itself or go into Locations.
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    Gen II Mark VIII motor redline ??

    Speaking of motor redline.... Geno, I think you could tell him a thing or 2 about slamming it to 7500 rpm, huh? (carlisle burnout video) LOL
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    some times engine will not start

    won't start when hot? Check your positive and Negative battery terminals and wires. Easiest way to figure it out, try wiggling the terminals when you have your no start condition.
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    rough idle

    Same thing goes with using Butane or various other flammable gases.... Just open the valve a tad bit and slowly move around the engine and when the idle kicks, you've found it... or are in the vicinity of it.
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    rough idle

    Run it for a little bit and see if you smell gas. I've had a small fuel leak on my car before and it had a HORRIBLE idle, but wouldn't stall out. Also do you get an intermittent CE light on the highway? or does it sputter at idle like it's missing...?.... also check upstream O2's... solved...
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    What do you get.....

    I remember when you used to tell me about how you NEVER got flat tires. LOL
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    Transmission Rebuild Project

    Find performance clutch packs that let you squeeze more friction plates and steels in the drum... also some kevlar bands. I would also take a quick look at all of the seals and O-rings... If I were to attempt an overhaul, I'd get an overhaul kit from -They have full...
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    Guess what im building :)

    I got type e's in my truck.... for a REAL crappy box they don't sound too bad. Looks cool so far though, keep up the good work! I'm sure it'll slam!
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    Exhaust setup question

    Well true, I was just basing that off of just driving it around on the street and haven't actually done any real tests or anything on a dyno, also I personally like the real throaty straight pipe type of sound... Like you said, also just my opinion on it. Mufflers could have also had something...