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  1. Mike P

    cobra lincoln emblem

    I have two brand new sets I am looking to sell, PM me if interested
  2. Mike P

    NEED A REAR NEON FOR MY 1997 MARK LSC. Doesn't have to work just complete.

    I have a 98 evergreen color, works perfect no issues, needs a ballast
  3. Mike P

    1997 Pewter Gray Progress Thread

    how did it look on the prairie tan?
  4. Mike P

    Cobrastar Emblems, Dash vent

    I have a set, pm me with your offer Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Mike P

    FS: GEN 2 clock spring X 2

    Probably 'never mind'
  6. Mike P

    Switched from Octastars to Speedstars

    looks great, love the color too.
  7. Mike P

    Pewter Gray Parts

    i have a set of 98 midnight moldings
  8. Mike P

    Compensation for pothole damage?

    my city, and you should check yours, has codes relating to times of the year when they are exempt from this sort of damage due to the plowing of roads and various other things winter months. I don't know what weather is like by you but they may have it too. Otherwise you can do an accident...
  9. Mike P

    dbleb88 great guy

    I concur, was good to me also!
  10. Mike P

    Clock spring :(

    here's a spare one I have, hope these pics help. @ Sapper, if you are interested, I have it zip-tied right where it was when I took it off the steering shaft, lmk how much
  11. Mike P

    First time Mark VIII owner from Kansas

    your wiper problem is your wiper motor, pretty easy fix. I had the same problem
  12. Mike P

    Club 32

    wow :eek: thats cool
  13. Mike P

    Half a tail light-$145 on ebay

    is marked down to $123, I think hes catching on, lol
  14. Mike P

    Wats next on ur Marks 2do list

    rims and tires
  15. Mike P

    97 Interior

    i need a 97 prarie tan fuse door
  16. Mike P

    WTB: Prairie tan 97 fuse cover

    I need a fuse cover, decent shape please. For a 97LSC :D
  17. Mike P

    Some Marks In Very Sad Condition

    could that be? looks like the emblem outlives the car :D
  18. Mike P

    Radar Detectors

    over here in NY anything under 70% light transmittance on front and rear side windows is illegal (with some exceptions) and factory seems to be around 72-74% based on my experience. So that makes any film applied to the windows illegal and believe me, I get the same excuses all the time. I...
  19. Mike P

    Cleaned up the Green Dragon 97 LSC

    I want chrome speedstars too, hopefully its my next move
  20. Mike P

    Cleaned up the Green Dragon 97 LSC

    wow, I got the same car :D