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    my 92 continental doesn't like to start when the motor is hot

    solution for problem i finally found the solution to my problem if anyone out there is wanting to know. I got a hold of a fuel pressure tester to find out that I was only getting 12psi of fuel pressure when the engine was cold and 7psi when it was hot, The book said I need betweeen 30 and 40psi...
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    how many miled do you have??????repairs????

    my 92 continental has 135k Repairs: Valve Job both motor mounts front left air bag 2 air compressor removed catalytic converts after one exploded and stopped up the exhaust ignition control module ignition coil inner tie rods and i'm still having an ignition problem when she gets...
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    Just Purchased 98 Continental- Please Help

    1. you can program most any ford lincoln mercury 4 button key fab to work. Each car has different instruction on how to do this so you will need to do some research online. I have 1 lincoln and 1 mercury key fab for my continental. 2. for a clock you are going to have to start hunting at a...
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    1997 continental clunks

    i think it must be those darn gremlins in the trunk. I have a couple livving in the trunk of my 92 continental and they are always giving me headaches. I'm in the middle of a valve job because of those pesky critters.
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    my 92 continental doesn't like to start when the motor is hot

    Good news or bad news however you look at it. I found the problem I was getting intermittent compression on my number 1,4,& 5 Cylinders. Today I pulled off the 4,5,&6 cylinder head to find that the exhaust valves in on the #4&5 were leaking intermittently and i imagine i'll find a similar...
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    my 92 continental doesn't like to start when the motor is hot

    the temp gauge was replace recently and the temp gauge doesn't show that it is running hot. Today I got bored at stripped down the top end a little and checked the fuel injectors and they are working great so now I am going to hunt down a compression tester and work my was through the heads and...
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    Air Compressor will not run

    Start with the obvious things and make sure the fuse is not blown for the compressor and the switch in the trunk is in the "on" position. After that I would suggest taking a volt meter or a test light and test the plug for voltage just in case you ended up with 2 dead motors.
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    3.8 Motor mounts?

    it is often said the the 88-94 lincoln continentals are nothing more then a glorified Ford Taurus and as for the motor mounts I say good luck with the rear one if you have to replace it. my options were remove the exhaust or ream out the hole in the top bracket ever so slightly so I grabbed a...
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    my 92 continental doesn't like to start when the motor is hot

    Hello all, My name is Michael and I am the proud owner of a free 1992 Lincoln continental with 78k miles. I have had all of the usual problems with this car minus the blown head gasket. It always seem like there is something wrong with this car but I enjoy working on it. I have recently come...