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  1. Danny351C

    Constant high revving Viii

    The IAC in these cars are a pain in the A$$. Sounds like you have the same problem I used to have. I could never get mine to reset. I have heard people spending alot of money on this problem. But the great news is that it can be fixed cheap! The Idle air control valve became very over active in...
  2. Danny351C

    Anyone mod their secondary butterfly linkage?

    I have a 1994 Mark VIII and both throttle body blades do NOT open at the same time. The left side blade is the first to open and it opens quickly. The right side does not start opening until about half throttle or so, but the right blade does open all the way. Just not at the same time. I want...
  3. Danny351C

    Cobra throttle body....

    I hear what your saying about the blades. I have a 1st Gen 1994. Has anyone rigged the linkage so that both blades open and close at the same time instead of a "progressive opening secondary"? I dont want to change out the entire Gen 1 intake manifold and swap to Gen 2. I could prob figure it...
  4. Danny351C

    Spark Plugs of choice-Autolite 764's

    Freeee? Nice, hook me up plz! :D
  5. Danny351C

    '93 Mark VIII performace

    Dude you want instant massive acceleration results without the BS. Put some 4:10 Track loc gears in it and you'll blow the doors off your dads. These cars are very heavy and the high revving 32v Mark can really benefit from the 410s to get it moving very very quickly off the line. For next to...
  6. Danny351C

    Hi. Some Quick Questions

    Thank you
  7. Danny351C

    Hi. Some Quick Questions

    Hi, I have a 1994. Does mine have the one piece driveshaft?
  8. Danny351C

    1995 mark viii headlight options?

    I installed some LEDs for the Low beams on my 94. Couldnt see JACK! So I moved them in the High beam compartment instead. Wicked Bright! I then installed an aftermarket 55 watt HID kit in for the low beams. I can see better than the other ones to a marginal degree. They illuminate things better...
  9. Danny351C

    Leaking fluids

    A dark mix of sorts. Could be just water condensation draining from your air conditioning system. The AC unit is usually mounted over the right side of the car. Your tire might have some water,dirt or motor oil that transferred from the inner fender area.
  10. Danny351C

    Frame on ground

    Sounds like shes in a tuff spot. I'd get creative. If you had a cherry picker, you might be able to lift the front from the engine bay. Or Try slipping a bottle jack down in between the engine and rad and wedging it up into something strong to lift it. You could maybe pop the center caps off the...
  11. Danny351C

    Engine runs but knocks after high RPMs

    Thats a great question! Ideally a large pipe cutter would minimize shavings. Ive used an Awl and tin snips to cut the filter case open near the bottom. Its very thin sheet metal. Inspect within the filter media.
  12. Danny351C

    Engine runs but knocks after high RPMs

    Hi good buddy. Good idea about suggesting to inspect the filter media. Ive played around too with cars and trucks and raced in the past. I like to get on my DD too now and again. I try not to push it. In terms of a car that's a daily driver, its not a good practice to hammer on it too much...
  13. Danny351C

    Frame on ground

    I agree. I went with strutmasters. They each use EIBACH coil springs. Awesome quality! My car rides nice with them and it's nice knowing I dont have to deal with that nightmare.
  14. Danny351C

    Frame on ground

  15. Danny351C

    Engine runs but knocks after high RPMs

    Glad to hear it still runs buddy! We'll after that beating, change that oil! Add some Lucas Oil treatment. Run about 8 to 10 Oz of MMO in a full tank gas too. Say a prayer. By flooring it to RedLine like that you stirred up something the engine did not like! Its not good to do that and your...
  16. Danny351C

    Misfire problem

    I think your car needs to rev up and clear its throat. I have a stock 94. It has alot of valving going on. Try running some cleaner like B12 Chemtool and seafoam thru it. I also run a little MMO into my fuel now and then. To each their may on the ratio. Be though as it may, I personally run 10...
  17. Danny351C

    Dash Warning Lights

    Bad grounding sounds like. I would take a closer look around thoroughly for the ground wires. Some may be hidden from plain sight. For instance on my 1994 Mark 8, there is a huge plastic panel under the hood that goes across the whole width of the car. It covers the headlights and radiator area...
  18. Danny351C

    Fuse #9 circuit (interior fuse panel) 1994 Mark VIII

    Hey, does anyone know... Interior Fuse #9 calls for a 10 amp. Says it's for Transmission Control Switch, Autolight Sensor, Electrochromic Mirrors. Short back story. I went to the car wash. and sprayed it down. It was heavily soiled around the front. The next night, I noticed both low beam...