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    CUTTING OFF Noise Suppressors

    There is some very good useful info in this thread, yet I feel dumber after I read it. I agree not every aftermarket snake oil add on gives the promised HP yield, the best way to gain HP would be knowledge of both your car and the systems involved. Has the OP ran his car on a dyno yet? Has he...
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    Very Sad

    Please take the time to watch this video. YouTube - Veterans Fight to Keep 75-yr. old Mojave Desert Memorial cross here is the site:
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    An actually cool Ebay find!!

    That car is exactly like my 2001, the only difference is the paint color and the after market bumpers. and the mileage :mad: The interior color is exactly the same.
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    my project......almost done!

    Not the biggest Mark fan, but thats a nice ride. Post some more pics and you could almost get me to buy one. If they had the third pedal I would do it.
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    Accident Saturday night..what to do

    Get the insurance $, find a decent shop and pocket the difference. Use the cash for upgrades. A decent shop should be able to do a fine job and save you some cash of the insurance quote. Someone here should have a recommendation in your area. There also seems to be a bunch of Cars on this site...
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    so we've seen svt LSs, LS SSs, and now a custom engineered LS

    Just turned 79K no mods except for aftermarket X-pipe, Its my daily driver and I seem to find lots of places other than the car to spend money. I runs fine and I think I get get alot more life out of the clutch.
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    Own a dog? What kind? (BIG pics inside)

    Coffee and Bean both miniatures. Bean (Brown 10lbs) from a breeder, Coffee (Red 7lbs) rescue. Both about a year and a half.
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    so we've seen svt LSs, LS SSs, and now a custom engineered LS

    230K with spray and it still runs, I'm kinda excited. I should be able to get 500K out of mine. The work on the car doesn't look to bad from the pic. I don't think I would have went with the colors he choose but whatever. I wounder how many clutches he has gone through and how the Getrag is...
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    The fuzz ain't playin no more

    and its still a Dodge... Famous for their rock hard transmissions :shifty: and the caravan= "Mini Van Big Fun" It does look cool.
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    Strangest Place you ever had to work on a car.

    I was reading another thread here (to remain nameless) and read a post and it gave me an idea. Whats the strangest place you ever had to fix a car? Here goes. I was leaving high school sick oneday, I got to an intersection and started to cross. I heard a terrible noise and lost all...
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    Official PetesSweets Douchebag of the Month Celebratory Thread!

    Amazing, that is by far the lamest excuse I have ever heard for not working on your car. If you have the money to piss away on someone else doing the work that's fine. I have made a few bucks that way. Not having the skills, that's fine, not everyone is mechanically inclined. But not having the...
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    Castrol EDGE & Mobil 1 syn

    Local Autozones have been running a special on Mobil 1. 5 Quarts and a filter for $29.99. Them seem to have it about every 3 months that's when I stock up. They had a sale when did my F250 5 quarts of Castrol high millage and oil filter for $19.99 and $2.00 bucks off an air filter. The trucks...
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    Karma is a bitch.
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    Hippie punk'd, then outdone by capitalist

    Better than the smelly hippy hugs... Nice
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    Don't worry sweet Pete every time you take you car to a shop they put it in your a$$. I can see you running your mouth there like you do here and the mechanic just smiling. PetesSweets86: Fair Enough Tune-Up? so my LS hit 90k miles today (only 60k on the engine) and my car needs a tranny...
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    I woke up this morning AND MY CAR WAS MISSING!!

    Hopefully there is brain matter on the windshield from the douche who stole it. Sorry about your loss man.
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    thinkin about gettin rid of the LS...

    Look at the Navigators, we traded our Mark LT in on one and got a great deal. It pulls our 6' X 12' enclosed trailer no problem and with the trailer loaded it still gets 10 to 12 on the highway. The 5.4 has plenty of power.
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    Changing oil yourself

    I saw a Faces Of Death when I was about 16. A guy was pulling wheel parts of a car and was sitting with his legs under the car. The jack slipped and severed one leg. When they put him on the stretcher there was like one tendon still holding his leg on. They set the leg one the stretcher with his...
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    Changing oil yourself

    Anything can happen...
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    Changing oil yourself

    Buy ramps, chock the wheels and have at it. Buy the steel ramps not the plastic ones. If your car is lowered get the right ramps. UNDER NO CONDITION SHOULD YOU CRAWL UNDER THE CAR SUPPORTED ONLY WITH A JACK. If you choose to use a jack buy jack stands. righty-tighty, lefty loosey.