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    I have not seen this before, LED 9005...

    Sorry for not reading the entire thread but I have a set somewhere around the house and are not suitable for anything productive the lumens are too low.
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    Front license plate holder...

    Texas Plate law states must have a plate visible in front and rear but doesnt say where they have to be mounted ;)
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    Front license plate holder...

    I wedged my plate in front of the dash and the windshield.
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    Rear brake rotor 4.5" conversion?

    Use the Mark VIII rotor re drilled to 5x4.5. with the cobra hub :)
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    Many issues: Input/advice : discussion?

    seeking vaccum leaks is easy with throttle body cleaner or carb cleaner, with the car at idle spray the hoses and listen to the engine any variation in RPM and you found a vaccum leak.
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    Killed the rack

    well the rack has had some slop in it, and I think it finally bite the dust
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    Alt question

    Yes you can take it apart, I do recomend you spend the x dollars at a salvage yard and take it apart so you learn where all the parts go
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    Killed the rack

    I know better, the car is in the driveway and getting torn down tommorow
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    Killed the rack

    I think I killed the rack in mafioso, I was backing out of the drive way and heard a loud pop now I notice when I back up there is an excessive amount of toe on the passenger side but on inspection all looks and feels normal. It gives me problems only when backing out
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    coil conversions

    Air is one of the reason the car is great I've driven a mark all 3 ways and by far is the way to go. These cars are expensive we get them for the love cheap parts are for honda civics.
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    coil conversions

    Im biased and cannot post an opinion! BAH keep your air.
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    Angel Eyes

    forget expoy 3M 8115 plastic bumper repair FTW
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    Parts car near detroit

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    How Much Have You Spent On Your Mark?

    man now I look crazy for the $$ thats in mine
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    LMAO thats funny as hell!!
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    next trick is how to get the plate MURDRD for the black on black
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    sweet I hope you can recover the car :)
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    Yessir, took many appeals but its mine. hahaha
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    New plate finally came in!!
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    my precious, is all mine

    I hear it can give brownie points on this thing called a FICO score. :dancefool