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    Miseed Connections, Spotted LSes, and Casual Encounters

    Pink LS! Spotted in Holland, MI
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    Saving another poor soul this afternoon.

    Maybe another option for you. I saw what I thought was a black Gen 1 for sale on James just a few blocks west of 31. Didn't have time to stop as I was in a hurry out of town (I visit my parents frequently in Holland). It was in a corner yard on the south side of the street.
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    My LS Looks Different!

    Congrats! I've always liked that Lexus; although you'll have to let us know your experiences with that 8-speed. I've heard, at least on older models, less than favorable reviews.
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    What is this part ?
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    Wheels & hub-centric rings....

    Bumping an old post, I know, but just wanted to second the value of this information. 63.36 fits perfectly on my '06s hubs. The manufacturer (velox) lists the hub bore for my wheels at 73.1, however I was unable to find rings with those same diameters. I decided to try 73mm OD rings from...
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    How many Falures of Accel Coils. Anyone ?

    Hasn't been long for me, about 3 months maybe 2,000 miles. For posterity's sake though I'm happy to report no issues yet.
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    Got my car back after the wreck. Need some opinions
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    Got my car back after the wreck. Need some opinions

    Z3 has gills. I always thought they made their 'fashionable' comeback with the 5th Quattroporte. If we're being honest here, Buick stole the design from Pininfarina...
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    Bushing question....

    Not sure how bad yours is getting, but these cars are supposed to have a negative rear wheel camber.
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    Suspension and Coolant Issue Although I'm not sure anyone has confirmed these as different to the ones douche parts sells.
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    Suspension and Coolant Issue

    Oh boy. For your first two problems try using the search function. You'll find a lot of info on your ageing plastic cooling parts and rear control arm bushings. Spark Plugs come with manufacturer guidelines for tightening. I hand tightened then wrenched 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn. You'll probably...
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    Stereo headunit compatibility

    Good to know. I was getting excited about MirrorLink when planning my upcoming head unit purchase.
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    Miseed Connections, Spotted LSes, and Casual Encounters

    Somebody drives a nice black Gen 1 to the Planet Fitness by me. I've parked by it twice hoping to run into them (and that its a hot chick /dreaming!).
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    Help a new guy out! :)

    Ehh, age would still be a factor. Maybe not as important as mileage, but something to do with it. I think the "data" shows both increases and decreases depending on how you extrapolate it. My problem is its ambiguity. I like what they are trying to do over there, but without more information on...
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    Help a new guy out! :)

    Some people are attached to this data but fail to realize its small sample size (about 1200 vehicles).
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    Paint Booster Upgrades?

    Those shoes are hideous...
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    Meet Abby ('00 LS Build Log)

    Looking good. Just fyi, you missed some licence plate censoring at the end though.
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    Insurance costs

    People tend to forget your credit plays a factor in determining insurance rates.
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    '03 Lincoln LS interior squeak

    Something similar was happening in my car. My back bumper likes to come slightly undone right where it comes to a point above the rear wheels. Yes, improbable that I would hear that inside the cabin, but when I had it re-clipped the noise went away. It has since separated again, and I hear the...
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    ACCEL Ignition COP install

    Right, parts counter knew what I was talking about. Although the official name is something like a wiper inlet seal. $4.50/ea It was a "warmer" day so I took the LS to a coin-op wash and tested it out. My suspicions were correct on the cowl panel grill. One of the first things I did when I...