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    how safe is it stock??

    he didnt say which one yet he just told me what he can do for me, whats the diff between them. i just know he said it would be safe, he said he would put it on the dyno and get all the specs to tune it right.
  2. J

    how safe is it stock??

    Thanks fellas. yeah they do top notch work, so i know it will be done right. I live in Michigan where is your shop at?
  3. J

    how safe is it stock??

    So far ive done alot to my 97 mark, and i cant find anybody in my area to take up the challenge of putting a sc on it. Im to busy to do it, but i have a company who will put a nos on it. i want to know will it hold a 100 shot safely in stock form, he said it will but i want to hear it from...
  4. J

    100 shot?

    I have alot of ques about nitrous. Like whats a safe amount to run? how did you like it. and what were your results.
  5. J

    100 shot?

    Im thinking about putting her on a hundred shot. Will my motor handle it in stock form?
  6. J

    WoodWard Dream Cruise. Whos goin?

    Trying to see if anybodys goin to the Cruise this weekend. Aug 20th
  7. J

    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    Had my trany rebuilt, racing clutches, and trany cooler, jmod
  8. J

    I need a oilpan

    looking for a oilpan for a 97 mark. It can be new or used. let me know what you got.
  9. J

    thinking about that trany, where you located.

    thinking about that trany, where you located.
  10. J

    anybody have a trany for sale?

    Im looking for a good trany for my 97 mark.
  11. J

    So my trans is telling me it wants to die....

    I finally get some stuff done to my mark and the trans wants to die. Whats the best thing to do, have it rebuilt with stronger parts or should i find a different one all together? what do you think?
  12. J

    Cobra intake manifold

    what type of power will i see from doin the swap? and is it worth it?
  13. J

    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    Lovin it!! Finally took my car to Alternative Auto in Detroit MI to get a custom tune.
  14. J

    I need a new or used oil pan for a 97 mark

    i have a junk oil pan on my 97 mark, if anybody has one or know where i can get a cheap one. let me know thanks.
  15. J

    what to do next?

    I just put 3:73s and had a new diff put in. Im alil concerned about the trans, its working good now but any suggestions?
  16. J

    Woodward Dream Cruise?

    oh yeah, Fri and sat nite.
  17. J

    97 LSC vs 04 GTP

    yeah i did post it in the wrong section. lol sorry never been a fan of dodge. yeah there will always be someone faster, i guess i dont have room to talk. he's beating me.
  18. J

    97 LSC vs 04 GTP

    not a chance. but if all you got is that srt8 he's coming to get you too.
  19. J

    97 LSC vs 04 GTP

    I race my friends gtp all the time and from the line he gets me by like a car length, but when we roll i start to pull on him. Im getting my gears and diff put in at the end of the month. It doesnt count if i cant beat him from the get go. Im ready to change that.
  20. J

    Is there a programmer for the 97 mark?

    been searching havent found anything solid.