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  • Bruce Hansen here.We move to Elyria Ohio in July. I talked to you on a couple of occasions and you mentioned you had Mark VIII seat covers in excellent condition . was wondering if you still have them and at what price. I'd like to get a conservation going about them.....Phone number 440-406-9576 at your convenience.....or
    Im not gonna be able 2 ship a door I know for sure the pass. side is in good condition but not the driver side. I can get the Cordovon grille and the mouldings......... Question exactly what mouldings are you talking about? The ones that has collectors edition on em?
    Hey you need to clear your old messages mailbox full.
    I need prices of all three new,rechrome,used,once i get them I'll decide what I can afford and send you a check. I have been unable to get a message to you on your website.
    George Eisenhart
    HI!...ya know...I don't recall meeting you..apologizes, I have not greeted least to my recollection. Your collection of gen 2's is admirable. Throw some pics into your garage and show them beauties off!! ps-love your name ;) Debi
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