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  • mike i'd rather have it for a saturday and sunday i dont like rushing that stuff specially inside tranny's.
    Jamie I was wondering what the J mod costs and how long does it take . could I drive up one day and go home the swame day
    MKVIIRIP its right in the top of the mark VIII forum, its a sticky thread at the top of the forum you cant miss it.
    Hi, I can't remember if it is you or 93blue or whatever his user name is who had the forum on the first gen headlamp restoration. I think it was him, youre the one who told me about the saleen wheels probably. anyhow, if you do have that thread, please let me know because i'm in the middle of the process. thanks

    We hear your the person that will restore headlights for the lincoln mark VIII, we have one here and another one on order, are you still doing this? We are in dire need of them being restored; I also sent you a personal message. We would like to have one set done then when they are done then send you another set to do that we would be using while the others are being restored. Your work is awesome from the pictures that we have seen. Hope you can help us out!!!!

    Raoul Sullivan

    Would you have a complete factory moonroof including the motor and tracks? If you do how much and how much do you think it would cost to ship to me in Toronto? The car is a 98


    hey jamie can i call you to ask some questions about the air suspension, i find it easier to talk live then typing..it is easier for me..thanks appreciate it...
    arnold from canada
    rob send me a picture of the wheel there are 6 different stock mark VIII wheels. send a pic to jamies98lsc@aol.com i may have what you need.
    I have a '93 Marck VIII, and need a center cap, however the only ones I can find are 8 inches, the one on my car is less, I believe in the 6 inch range.. can you help? Rob Walker
    hey man, would you happen to have an intake tube ( between MAS and throttle body) extra that i could buy? please let me know ASAP as my car is down without it 254-228-3453
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