Winterize the Cadillac CTS-V

  1. StealthV
    Submitted By: Stealth V

    Tire options
    Lots of snow tire options in 245/45/18:
    • Bridgestone Blizzak LM-22
    • Continental ContiWinterContact TS790 V
    • Dunlop Winter Sport M3
    • Michelin Pilot Alpin PA2
    • Pirelli Winter 240 SnowSport

    Fuel treatment
    For winter storage, recommend adding Sta-bil to keep your fuel fresh. Add the recommend amount to your tank, top off the car with premium and by the time you drive the car back home to the garage, the Sta-bil will be up to the injectors. Been using Sta-bil for years for storage of my cars. Works good in my fuel injected snowmobile as well; just the opposite storage season.


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