V6 Lincoln LS Coil On Plug Replacement

By Quik LS, Jul 12, 2017 | |
  1. Quik LS
    Submitted by: Quik LS

    Replacing the COPs (coil-on-plug) is an all to common occurrence on early model Lincoln LS. the Valve covers tended to leak oil into the spark plug area, shorting the COPs.

    The V8 is easy to do but requires working in a tight space, while the V6 is a little more involved as it requires the removal of the intake (which is listed in a seperate tech article - CLICK HERE to read it)

    Ignition Coil


    1. Remove the engine appearance cover.

    2. To access the RH bank ignition coils, remove the upper intake manifold.

    3. Disconnect the electrical connector from the ignition coils.

    4. Remove the bolts.


    5. Remove the ignition coils.


    1. NOTE: Verify the ignition coils are seated and the boots are not damaged. If the boots are damaged, install a new ignition coil.

    To install, reverse the removal procedure


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