This is the switch which controls your signals and your wipers.

This procedure applies to models from the 90's. I don't know about later years, but I don't think it will be much different.



Disconnect the battery and wait approximately 5 minutes before you start working. This is because the inflatable bags have their own power supply in their circuit. This supply remains active for a couple of minutes after the battery is disconnected.

Apply your parking brake!! If it is not operative, make sure you are on level ground. Your car should not move when in Neutral.


Lower the steering column and remove (unscrew) the tilt lever.

Place the gear lever in the last position to get it out of the way. Again, make sure the car does not move.

Remove the moulding(s) and the dash panel. You will need to gently slip your hand behind the wood grain panel in order to unplug 3 or 4 switches, {the defroster switch, the fuel door switch, the digital display and the information center]. On cars with analog displays, you would probably have less connectors.

The headlights switch has a small notch in the back of the knob. Use a small screwdriver to push the pin in that notch while pulling on the knob.

Remove the bolts holding the knee protector.

Before you can remove the steering column upper and lower covers, you have to remove the ignition switch cylinder.

Turn your ignition key to ON. You will see a little hole underneath the ignition switch. Using a long instrument, like a 3-inch nail or a punch, place it in that hole and push upward while pulling on the ignition switch. The switch will slide out.

You can now remove the upper and lower steering column covers.

The multi-switch is only held in place with 2 Torx screws. It has 2 plugs with many wires in each. One is for the wiper circuit and the other is for the signals and the high beam.

Replace the switch and make sure the thick cable, which has the 2 above-mentioned plugs, sits on top of the switch and not on the side. This will make replacing the upper steering column cover much easier.

Reverse the above to put everything back. The ignition switch cylinder can only go in in one position. Once you have it inserted, turn it through all its positions to make sure it is working OK.

NOTE: Some manuals advise that the ignition lock cylinder can be removed in the RUN position. I have always removed the cylinder in the ON position.