Modifying the Lincoln LS Air box

  1. Joeychgo

    Here is a little Lincoln Tech article for you. The general idea here is to get more air into the engine thereby increasing efficiency and power. This is an at-your-own-risk mod. I am not responsible if you happen to break something while completing this mod.

    See the photo below for the hole that is under your airbox and that will be utilized to help funnel cool air into the intake. The modified airbox will get majority of the cool air from behind the headlight. Cool air makes our engine run better and faster.


    Step 1: Squeeze and lift the two clamps on back of the lid of the airbox and slide the front of the lid toward the front of the vehicle.

    Step 2: Loosen the worm clamp (8mm socket) that holds the MAF to the intake tube.

    Step 3: Unclip the MAF plug.

    Step 4: Carefully twist and lift the MAF and lid assembly. Remove it and set it aside (See Below)


    This is the airbox (front) with duct still attached


    Here we see the airbox with the air duct could probably just remove this and notice minimal power gains.


    Here is the Bottom of airbox


    Step 5: Using a pencil, trace a line along the ridges of the bottom of the airbox. Use this as a guide when cutting.

    Step 6: Cut the bottom of the airbox. Use a Jig Saw with a finer tooth blade for best results.

    Here is the bottom of the airbox after you complete your cutting.


    Here is the top view of the airbox after you complete your cutting.


    Step 7: Install the cut airbox.

    Here is the Top View of the airbox after you complete your cutting and replaced it in the engine compartment


    Side View of cut airbox. From this angle you can see how the side of the airbox will act as a heat shield. You may want to install some sort of brace under the cut airbox to help strengthen it. It does have a lot more flexibility now and requires a little effort to clip the lid shut. You may not want to remove a little less material then shown.


    Step 8: Install the filter and lid.

    Finished product (below)

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  1. HMass1
    Nice mod lol bye bye k&N. I prefer the stock look myself
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