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Submitted by:Kale Kainoa – djkale

A popular and easy Lincoln Mark VIII suspension modification is to “lower” your car, so the tires are closer to the wheel wells. This makes the car a little more aerodynamic and just plan looks better. It also makes your Lincoln Mark VIII suspension feel a little firmer. We accomplish this by simply lowering the Lincoln air ride suspension sensors.

Important to note. This will NOT work if you have converted your Mark VIII suspension to the coil system. This just works with the stock Lincoln Air ride struts.

WARNING: Performing this modification could emphasize existing defects of the bag and cause one or more bags to leak.

Where are the Lincoln Mark VIII Suspension Sensors Located?
There are THREE suspension height sensors on the Lincoln Mark VIII, two up front and on located on the drivers side rear (see pics). The basic concept behind this modification is to compress the front sensors and extend the rear. To explain why this is the case, I have included these pictures:


Imagine what would happen if you were to raise the frame of the vehicle, or if the wheel attached to the suspension arm were to move downward. Vehicle height would raise and the sensors would compress. This would cause the car to think it was high and therefore vent air from the bags making the car sit lower. The reason the rear is different is because it is a different sensor. When I designed a modified height sensor system, I noticed that the front sensors needed additional voltage to cause a bleed signal while the rear needed a reduction in voltage. They work differently.


Warning: Before attempting any Air Ride suspension adjustment, be sure to turn off your Lincoln Mark VIII Suspension system. The switch is located in the trunk on the left hand side behind a small door.