This is probably the easiest car maintenance I have ever done. All you need is a few tools you can find around the house and less then 1 hour of your time. When you are done, congratulations, you just saved yourself $90.00!

Tools Needed

Flat head screwdriver, Small Bolt Set
Old newspapers or Shop Towels
New Fuel Filter (I used Fram G38028A $10.00 at Checkers)

1.) Turn off the Air Suspension switch located in the trunk on the passenger side. This is very important as you may damage the air bags if you don't.

2.) Jack the car up and place on jack stands. I kept the jack under the frame as a "back-up" in case the stands fail. The Fuel Filter is located below the drivers side, passenger door.


You will also see there are two clips that come with the filter, do not toss these away as you will need them. (See photo)


4.) You need to de-pressurize the fuel line. Follow the instructions in your Haynes Manual. One way to do this is to unplug the "Fuel Pump Shut-off Switch" located in the trunk of the car next to the trunk hinge on the drivers side (Pic. 1) There are two small bolts holding them onto the support. Un-bolt it and disconnect the wiring. (See photo)


Try to start the vehicle. If it starts, allow the engine to run until it quits, if it doesn't start, keep turning the key for a good five minutes. This will de-pressurize the system for you.

5.) Crawl underneath the car and you will see where the Fuel Filter hangs inside the Filter bracket. (See photo below) It should look old and crummy.


6.) With your screw driver, un-tighten the metal adjustable band that holds the filter inside the bracket. You can see it on the left in Pic 5. Take the screwdriver and pry out the existing plastic clips (Pic 4) that is holding the filter onto the fuel line. Be careful not to break the fuel hose housing. It may take a few minutes of wriggling the old ones out as you can see from Pic 4 that there are teeth holding the plastic clips in.

7.) Have some old newspapers or shop towels on the ground to soak up any existing fuel in the filter.

8.) Take the old black filter covers off the new filter(Pic. 3) and use them to plug the old filter. This should stop any fuel from escaping..

9.) Installation is in reverse order. There is only one way the fuel filter will fit in the filter bracket, so if it is giving you some trouble look at where the flow arrow is at, and point that towards the engine.