1988 - 1994 Lincoln Continental Radio Swap

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    Exercise caution when working around electronics and unless you are well versed in automotive electronics DO NOT USE A TEST LIGHT. Although many times it is harmless to use a test light, in only takes one poke to destroy a 5 thousand dollar body controller.



    In the dash is the radio and optional tape deck. The output goes to an amplifier in the trunk which amplifies the signal and powers the speakers.

    • Ford Keys (can get at walmart or autoparts store)
    • Panel remover tool (if you do not have one be very cautious with a screwdriver it will damage things)
    • Wire connections tools

    • Possible trim ring
    • Harness and premium sound bypass
    • Crimp caps or electrical tape

    Take your ford keys insert them into the radio on each side slowly at the very first click, pull apart and out. The radio is now removed.

    Remove the metal sleeve that came with the aftermarket radio with enclosed keys. If you decide to use a trim ring, slide trim ring along this sleeve and insert into the dash. With or without trim ring, bend according metal tabs back to secure sleeve and trim ring.

    Take the amplifier bypass harness (the harness with a plug on each end). Remove the tabs that hold on the trunk liner along the upper rear deck. The amplifier has either small or large fins and is rectangular with two rectangular plugs at each end. Get into the trunk and unplug the two largest connectors. Insert each into their respective slots in the amplifier bypass harness.

    Connect aftermarket radio harness and wiring harness wires verbatim. Connect the bare ends together. Black to black, red to red and so on. There may be some that are not used such as orange with black etc. Tape those connections off. Don't forget the blue wire or the power antenna will not go up.

    Plug in the harness to the aftermarket radio and the dash harness and clip radio in to the metal sleeve.

    Note: The square black plug may give you trouble. You may need to play with the pins and arrange them to fit the gray shielded harness. Best of luck.


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